Fairisle Memory

Spotted in the letters to the editor section of the Daily Telegraph. (Boxing Day 2013)

Fairisle memory - Telegraph Dec 2013

Telegraph Letters Page – Dec 2013

Fairisle memory

SIR – A few years ago my husband and I visited my ex-husband in New York. I had not seen him for 20 years, but we had kept in touch.

We met in his flat and I noticed, draped over the sofa, a familiar object. It was a Fairisle jumper I had knitted him when we first met. He was so impressed he kept it on display. I was thrilled, remembering the time and effort it took.

I have never knitted anything like it since.

Judy Underwood
Devizes, Wiltshire

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Graphic Knits – Inspiration AW13

Go graphic this season with artistic knitwear – the perfect Autumnul investment.
Stylists Tip: Wear slightly oversized chunky knitwear with slim fitting tailored trousers.

Graphic jumpers, statement sweatshirts cable knit – your knitwear options just got a whole lot bigger because this season it’s all about statement sweaters. Could this be the easiest trend ever? Hell yeah

Read more at my-wardrobe and see also their AW13 style guide.

J W Anderson AW13

Sweater by J.W. Anderson

J.W. Anderson Green Floral Sweater

Green Floral Sweater by J.W. Anderson

Catwalk Cashmere Jumper by Moschino

Catwalk Cashmere Jumper by Moschino

Grey Modern Lace Panel Jumper by Helmut Lang

Grey Modern Lace Panel Jumper by Helmut Lang

Checkerboard Stripe Jumper by YMC

Checkerboard Stripe Jumper by YMC

Burberry Brit cashmere blend jumper

Cashmere Dog Jumper by Burberry Brit

Unicorn Sequin Jumper by Markus Lupfer

Unicorn Sequin Jumper by Markus Lupfer

Leopard Jacquard Jumper by Joseph

Leopard Jacquard Jumper by Joseph

Knitting Styles


Knitting is a method of which thread or yarn is produced into cloth. Knitting is where loops are created and pulled through each other. These are also referred to as stitches. A stitch is held on the needle is until a loop is able to be passed through them.

For most people, knitted fabrics are all produced with the same pattern and stitches, but this is untrue. Through time, knitting processes have evolved and knitted patterns have been adapted to suit the needs of manufacturers.

Knitted patterns have continually remained popular despite many woven and unwoven fabrics attempting to rival it. However, there are numerous properties which they cannot compete with, including the elasticity of knitwear and thermal properties.

Not only can knitted patterns stretch up to 500% and return to its produced form without being damaged, it will remain warm even when wet. These two attractive properties have ensured knitwear was never far away from the catwalk when it was not being showcased by leading designers around the globe.

The end product may differ depending on the type of thread, yarn or needle that is used. By using a different colour and/or texture will also all style to vary considerably. Patterns and stitches generally come from just a few different style, these include:-

  • The Knit Stitch; this is formed by loops which are inter weaved together over and over again. One needle is used to pull a loop of yarn through the existing stitch on the other needle.
  • The Purl Stitch; when viewed from the purl side of a pattern, this method of stitching resembles a brick wall. By drawing the needle and yarn backwards through an old stitch a secondary stitch forms – the purl stitch!
  • Knit 2 Together; this is one of the easiest patterns to follow and is created by catching your first stitch with the right needle from the tip of the left, bringing the yarn over and up the old stitch and creating a secondary one.
  • Yarn Over; when creating open work designs, a yarn over stitching pattern is used. This is fairly simple to do by bringing your yarn across your pattern from back to front and then knit the next stitch. This then creates the next stitch in the row and will not look anchored like the others. This is because it was knitted solely by you, away from the others.
  • Stockinette Stitch; this method of stitching a knitted pattern is created by knitting one row, purling to the next and so on, until you finish your pattern. The Stockinette Stitch is a simple yet effective method of knitting.

Knitting is a fascinating craft that has been around for centuries, and more recently has returned to the limelight as a successor of “Comeback Fashion” – where fashion trends are reborn time and time again. Most recently, knitwear has been sported by the likes of President Obama’s wife Michelle – projecting an image of sophistication – and by celebrities as diverse as Katie Holmes, Christina Aguilera, Leann Rimes & Russell Brand – portraying knitwear as popular to the influential youth of today too!

Christmas Jumpers

Reggie The Reindeer Knitted Jumper

Update : Use ChristmasJumper.co.uk Promo Code CJ8163 for 10% Off.

If you want a Chritmas Jumper just like Granny used to make, you will be pleased to hear that ChristmasJumper.co.uk has opened up their online shop ready for Christmas. Offering an interesting range of novelty christmas jumpers (70% acrylic, 30% cotton), the Christmas Jumper online shop offers a straightforward shopping experience on their collection of 20 or so Christmas Jumpers. The range which includes these beauties is on sale now :

Reggie The Reindeer Knitted Jumper

Reggie Reindeer – Blue Jumper

Snowman Jumper with green background

Freddie Frost – Green Snowman Jumper

Father Christmas Knitted Jumper

Father Christmas Outfit Jumper

New for 2012 is this nice green coloured sweater with large reindeer head!

Big Reindeer Christmas Jumper

Big Reindeer Christmas Jumper

Here’s a classic snowflake jumper in a nice shade of blue:

Snowflake Christmas Sweater

Snowflake Christmas Sweater

And for something of a retro Christmas jumper there are a couple of sweaters in this line….

retro Christmas jumper

Chunky Retro Christmas Sweater

Retro Christmas Jumper with Reindeer

Retro Christmas Jumper with Reindeer

Please see ChristmasJumper.co.uk for details on pricing, sizing and delivery. Delivery by the way, is available worldwide.

ChristmasJumper.co.uk is operated by My Christmas Jumper LTD which is a UK company based in Oldham UK.


Red Aran Sweater

Woolovers, a UK and family owned business have gained a great reputation for using high quality yarns (most of which is from UK wool) in their now large selection of men’s and women’s knitwear. The classic styles offered by Woolovers are such good quality that they last season in, season out.

Popular materials in their collection are cashmere blends – cashmere cotton and cashmere merino wool blends. They also have some lovely pure lambswool tops as well as some smooth silk and cotton blend items which work well in the summer.

The range of styles, sizes and colours at woolovers UK is simply huge so please take a look at their well designed website woolovers.com and have a browse around.

Woolovers Special Offers

Woolovers have a special offers section on their website / online shop which is constantly updated and moves quickly so if you like a bargain check out – http://www.woolovers.com/special-offers

Woolovers Winter Jumpers

Here are some of our favourite items for the winter ahead, which by the way is rumoured to possibly being one of the coldest on record this winter !

Red Aran Sweater

Aran Sweater – 6 Colour Options

Nordic Style Mens Knitted Jumper

Norwegian Sweater in 100% British Wool

Lambswool Women's Half Zip Sweater

Lambswool Half Zip Sweater

Woolovers.com Promotional Code

Nordic Style Mens Knitted Jumper

Woolovers are running a special promotion for readers of Knitwear.co.uk. This is a great opportunity because there are also some great prices on the website at the moment including money off and multi-buy offers.

The free delivery worldwide +5% off promotion which is running with us is available until 31st July 2012 via the use of this promotional code for Knitwear.co.uk readers.

Woolovers.com Promotional Code – NEW2WL – Use this at the third stage of the online checkout / order form at woolovers.com

There are some great spring cardigans and jumpers on offer at woolovers at the moment – exquisite details and stunning colours.

Happy Shopping ! Please leave a comment if you find something nice.

my-wardrobe Knitwear Guide


As part of their fabulous menswear offering, my-wardrobe.com are publishing a complete guide to AW11 (Autumn / Winter 2011) styles.

To kick things off, they got started with Knitwear.

my-wardrobe identify four key themes that will be of most importance in men’s knitwear this season.

  • CHUNKY – Ditch the fine gauges and ramp up the yarn count this winter. At its most extreme, knit savvy men will get positively Alpine in mountainous textures or North Sea ready in thick cables. And keep your chin up, as necklines are rewritten with shawls wraps and thick roll necks.
  • FAIRISLE - Though it is the most remote inhabited island in the UK, with a population of just 70 people, you’ll be reading a lot about Fairisle in the coming months. It gets its name from the three mile long North Sea outcrop where the technique of knitting with multi coloured strands of wool originated.
  • DETAILED - With knitwear in many ways replacing the shirt as the core item for men this season, designers have gone to town finding new and innovative ways to add detail. And by detail we mean pretty much anything that enlivens your V-necks, crew necks, cardies and more. Elongated plackets, leather buttons, braided sections, cables, multi pockets – and, of course, massive sequin skulls – are among the tactics found. Be as adventurous or reserved as you want.
  • COLOUR - Colour, it can be daunting, but there’s really nothing to fear. Keep it unfussy with simple, clean lines and soft handles for an autumn rewrite of the summer colour blocks, and inject a sunny punch into the greyest of days this season. After all, it’s no different to that faithful coloured shirt you’ve had on all summer.
Here are our favourites…








Hats off to my-wardrobe.com, for proving that there is a lot more to running an ecommerce business to “just being a shop”, they have clearly put a lot of effort into creating great, content for their customers.

NN07 Knitwear

nn07 new toscana jumper

Some fantastic knitwear from NN07’s new Autumn collection.

Let’s let the pictures do the talking on this one ….

NN07 Billy Cardigan

NN07 Billy Cardigan

nn07 new toscana jumper

NN07 New Toscana

nn07 bilbao cardigan

NN07 Bilbao Cardigan

NN07 Kiefer Cardigan

NN07 Kiefer Cardigan

NN07 Clothing

NN07 clothes are aimed at people who enjoy life regardless of age or background, where comfort and quality is more important than trends.

NN07 is a brand without any boundaries. We create tomorrow’s originals, and are dedicated to a perfect fit, unique hand work well and lots of detail. We will never be mainstream because we have chosen to go our own way. We love challenges and strong personalities. We are different. We know we are. We will never be mainstream.

The whole idea for the brand was born in a shop in Tokyo where the store owners made T-shirts of cotton made from their own cultivation.

– “The store owners were dedicated to the max and that is exactly how we want it. The entire NN07 concept is based on feeling and it’s a quality we want to be known for. We simply want to make favorite clothes”, says Victor Lindh, one of the two founders of NN07.

– “We love and want to pay tribute to dedicated people who are equally interested and focused on their products as we are by ours. We think the details are important and have spent much time on them. It can range from the edges of the keys to the amount of tissue to achieve the correct rustle. We want people who buy NN07 clothing to still be discovering new details on their shirt even after they have washed it three times”, says Victor.

The inspiration can be found from all over the world and they like to mix. They do not want to be placed in a particular country which is why they chose the name NN, as in No Nationality. Nor do they want to go to a specific class of customers, but to enjoy life in general.

Italian Knitwear Buying Guide


A type of Italian knitwear is Missoni. It is known for its multitude of patterns such as stripes, geometrics, and abstract florals, in a kaleidoscope of colours. They also use a range of different fabrics such as wool, cotton, linen, rayon and silk.

Italian Alpaca

Alpaca knitwear is a fine fleece originated from alpaca reared naturally stress free on the slopes of Mount Sirino. The knitwear is made in Italy by artisans with skills passed down through generations. Italian alpaca is entirely natural and eco-friendly as no chemicals or synthetic substances are used in the production process.


Italian knitwear brand Aimo Richly’s collection for men and women, designed by Alberto Incanuti. Aimo Richly’s designs include a knitted kimono and utilise natural yarns such as baby alpaca, angora, mohair, extra-fine merino coupled with super-thick and extra fine stitched details. This is in a palette of greys, peacock blue and mauve. Aliz Opere Tessili enabled knitting patterns to be turned into fur using new yarns and stitching techniques after extensive research was carried out.

Denny is cashmere Italian Knitwear production founded in 1952. It has operated under its present name since 1962. MAGLIFICIO DENNY was a small family firm, the entire processing cycle was conducted internally, and this was how it was launched on to the Italian market. One of the strong points of this company is the utmost attention to the quality of the product. Denny has adhered to this same tradition of excellence for over thirty years. They offer ranges for men, women and children, as well as accessories including gloves, hats and scarves, this is based on a profound knowledge of its customers’
demands and lifestyles.

Places to Buy

The Denny collection is created to satisfy the high-end market, studied and conceived on solid basis, and observant of the modern quality and aesthetics. Passion and affection for knitting is the main motivation behind the work of Denny. The staff joins professionalism, technical knowledge, and handcraft creativeness to create these beautiful pieces of knitwear.

For the luxury designs of Denny view their collection on the website http://www.denny.it/

Artigiano brings you all the luxury, simplicity and elegant tailoring of Italian fashion. Artigiano has been designing Italian fashion for 15 years. With outstanding quality fabrics they make beautifully cut clothing. For knitwear by Artigiano visit their website http://www.artigiano.co.uk/clothing/knitwear/icat/sclokni/