Alpaca Knitwear

Alpaca fleece is the natural fiber harvested from an alpaca, which is a domesticated species of American camelid that resembles a llama and were bred specifically for their fibre. Their fibre is then used to make knitted and woven items, similar to wool. These items include, blankets, sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, socks, coats and bedding across the world.

Owning of Alpaca is quite in fashion in the UK. There are 25,000 alpaca in the UK who on average live for about 15 years and yields soft luxurious yarn. Alpaca luxury yarn is manufactured in Britain from the fleeces of Alpacas farmed in the UK.

Alpaca fibre is referred to as the fibre of the Gods. It is softer, more luxurious, more resilient and stronger than the finest sheep’s wool. It is mostly compared to cashmere, is second in strength only to silk and has excellent thermal properties. It is valued for its silky texture, warmth, it’s lightweight and has no lanolin which makes it hypoallergenic

All yarns in the UK are spun using the worsted process, as this gives the best results of the natural properties of alpaca fibre finishing with strong yarn boasting the natural brightness of the fibre.

Once alpaca fleeces are distributed from owners and breeders they can be used in many ways to create many things. The yarn can be died to create other vibrant colours rather than the usual natural light colours, the alpaca absorbs dye readily and it being a lustrous fibre it reflects the light.

Huacaya, an alpaca that grows soft spongy fiber has natural crimp, making a naturally elastic yarn well-suited for knitting. Spun alpaca is easy and wonderful to work with, it produces perfectly neat finishing on plain and patterned knits. Knitting is the most populist range of alpaca clothing, home or textile ware that is made from alpaca fibre as it is very well-matched to hand knitting when it has been spun using the woolen process.

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