Knitting Styles


Knitting is a method of which thread or yarn is produced into cloth. Knitting is where loops are created and pulled through each other. These are also referred to as stitches. A stitch is held on the needle is until a loop is able to be passed through them.

For most people, knitted fabrics are all produced with the same pattern and stitches, but this is untrue. Through time, knitting processes have evolved and knitted patterns have been adapted to suit the needs of manufacturers.

Knitted patterns have continually remained popular despite many woven and unwoven fabrics attempting to rival it. However, there are numerous properties which they cannot compete with, including the elasticity of knitwear and thermal properties.

Not only can knitted patterns stretch up to 500% and return to its produced form without being damaged, it will remain warm even when wet. These two attractive properties have ensured knitwear was never far away from the catwalk when it was not being showcased by leading designers around the globe.

The end product may differ depending on the type of thread, yarn or needle that is used. By using a different colour and/or texture will also all style to vary considerably. Patterns and stitches generally come from just a few different style, these include:-

  • The Knit Stitch; this is formed by loops which are inter weaved together over and over again. One needle is used to pull a loop of yarn through the existing stitch on the other needle.
  • The Purl Stitch; when viewed from the purl side of a pattern, this method of stitching resembles a brick wall. By drawing the needle and yarn backwards through an old stitch a secondary stitch forms – the purl stitch!
  • Knit 2 Together; this is one of the easiest patterns to follow and is created by catching your first stitch with the right needle from the tip of the left, bringing the yarn over and up the old stitch and creating a secondary one.
  • Yarn Over; when creating open work designs, a yarn over stitching pattern is used. This is fairly simple to do by bringing your yarn across your pattern from back to front and then knit the next stitch. This then creates the next stitch in the row and will not look anchored like the others. This is because it was knitted solely by you, away from the others.
  • Stockinette Stitch; this method of stitching a knitted pattern is created by knitting one row, purling to the next and so on, until you finish your pattern. The Stockinette Stitch is a simple yet effective method of knitting.

Knitting is a fascinating craft that has been around for centuries, and more recently has returned to the limelight as a successor of “Comeback Fashion” – where fashion trends are reborn time and time again. Most recently, knitwear has been sported by the likes of President Obama’s wife Michelle – projecting an image of sophistication – and by celebrities as diverse as Katie Holmes, Christina Aguilera, Leann Rimes & Russell Brand – portraying knitwear as popular to the influential youth of today too!

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