Knitwear – never out of fashion

Knitwear is a timeless fashion – Knitted clothing has been around for centuries, and whilst it is historically a simple method of making clothing, it has always remained popular. Despite numerous rival fabrics, both woven and unwoven, offering more advanced fabrics that are cheaper to produce, knitwear has remained a frontline contender in the fashion world. Most recently, it has been sported by the likes of Michelle Obama and Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, which has spurred additional interest and caused the demand for knitted clothing to surge.

So is knitwear a timeless fashion?

Knitwear dates back beyond our lifetime and has been a fabric that has never been eliminated entirely from the fashion world. Newer, easier to produce woven and unwoven fabrics may benefit from cheaper production but knitwear has remained a fabric that always had a place in every fashion designers wardrobe – dating back to May 1916 when  Coco Chanel featured a knitted jersey in a collection of female suits.

Today, the high street is brimming with knitted jumpers, dresses and cardigans – even in the summer months! Knitwear is back once again and riding high on the rollercoaster of chosen trends that are high in demand by both the influential youth of today and well refined, mature fashion lovers.

So what makes knitwear timeless?

Knitwear has elastic properties that are second to none and cannot be rivalled by modern day fabrics. With elasticity that can reach 500%, knitted clothing offers something for every body shape, whether it is slim and subtle or full and flavourful. It’s extremely flexible properties means it will work its way around any body and ensure only the best parts of a body shape that it is put on are highlighted, whilst displaying sophistication in a unique and attractive manner.

Knitwear can be classified under the umbrella of “Comeback Fashion”, a term used to describe clothing that has a habit of repeating its success over and over. Knitwear has been reintroduced to the high street year after year without fail, and shoppers still hold an everlasting love for the fabric. Knitwear has always respected the comfortability factor but continued to shine amongst the array of newer, more advanced fabrics, but combining this with unique properties that remain unrivalled.

Not only is knitted clothing comfortable to wear, it will remain warm even when wet and continue to hold its shape after continual use. These properties are difficult to find in any other fabric, and so manufacturers are forced to respect and admire knitwear, even if it is an age old way of making clothing.

Knitwear fashion – the future

The future of knitwear, like any other trend, could be viewed upon as unknown. But, with history having a habit of repeating itself, and knitwear’s unrivalled background in the fashion industry, it is extremely doubtful this ingenious fabric will ever go out of fashion. Fashion designers are constantly pushing the boundaries to extend knitwear’s place in both summer and winter trends by incorporating the fabric in everything from dressers to scarves, coats to cardigans. Knitwear is truly unique and has never come up against a “fashion fight” that it has not beaten.