Red Aran Sweater

Woolovers, a UK and family owned business have gained a great reputation for using high quality yarns (most of which is from UK wool) in their now large selection of men’s and women’s knitwear. The classic styles offered by Woolovers are such good quality that they last season in, season out.

Popular materials in their collection are cashmere blends – cashmere cotton and cashmere merino wool blends. They also have some lovely pure lambswool tops as well as some smooth silk and cotton blend items which work well in the summer.

The range of styles, sizes and colours at woolovers UK is simply huge so please take a look at their well designed website woolovers.com and have a browse around.

Woolovers Special Offers

Woolovers have a special offers section on their website / online shop which is constantly updated and moves quickly so if you like a bargain check out – http://www.woolovers.com/special-offers

Woolovers Winter Jumpers

Here are some of our favourite items for the winter ahead, which by the way is rumoured to possibly being one of the coldest on record this winter !

Red Aran Sweater

Aran Sweater – 6 Colour Options

Nordic Style Mens Knitted Jumper

Norwegian Sweater in 100% British Wool

Lambswool Women's Half Zip Sweater

Lambswool Half Zip Sweater

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6 thoughts on “Woolovers

  1. Anna White says:

    Fast delivery, easy to use website but best of all, quality knitwear (from British wool!!) which lasts and lasts. Great for gifts, woolovers come highly recommended.

  2. Catherine Connor says:

    The first thing I noticed when I received my jumper from Wool Overs was the quality, this is in a different league to the jumpers you get on the high street yet almost the same price at only £28 for my cashmere cotton blend argyle jumper!

  3. Lorraine Hawkins, London says:

    Beautifully soft, excellent quality, rich colours and great value for money sum up my latest Woolovers purchase! Cannot wait until I next make my investment in this brand’s products.

  4. Zoe Hawkes, Hertfordshire says:

    I regularly purchase from Woolovers due to their low prices for such high quality products made with some of the best (British) wool and materials available. Better than M&S in my opinion. All their products are machine washable which is greatly convenient especially when it comes to knitwear! Bear in mind the sizing (slightly more spacious than the high street) but it’s a super range of products that would last a lifetime thanks to the quality and timeless designs!

  5. Christine Zafiris says:

    I recently purchased two cardigans believing the spiel about using high quality yarns. I wore one cardigan several times and it is essentially unwearable because there are ‘pills’ along the sleeve and the side. This is indicative of the poor quality yarn. I have yet to wear the other cardigan. I am deeply disappointed in the Woolover product.

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